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May 2, 2017

Italian version of the Mind Wandering: Deliberate and of the Mind Wandering: Spontaneous (and not only) scales

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Here you can find the Italian version of some scales for assessing mind wandering that Manila Vannucci and I adapted into Italian. The document contains the validated Italian versions of the Mind Wandering: Deliberate, Mind Wandering: Spontaneous, Attention Control: Distraction, Attention Control: Shifting (Carriere et al., 2013), Daydreaming Frequency Scale (Giambra, 1993), Mind Wandering Questionnaire (Mrazek et al., 2013).

Carriere, J. S. A:, Seli, P., & Smilek, D. (2013). Wandering in both mind and body: Individual differences in mind wandering and inattention predict fidgeting. Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology/Revue Canadienne de Psychologie Expérimentale, 67(1), 19–31. doi:10.1037/a0031438

Giambra, L. M. (1993). The influence of aging on spontaneous shifts of attention from external stimuli to the contents of consciousness. Experimental Gerontology, 28(4-5), 485–492. doi:10.1016/0531-5565(93)90073-M

Mrazek, M. D., Phillips, D. T., Franklin, M. S., Broadway, J. M., & Schooler, J. W. (2013). Young and restless: Validation of the Mind-Wandering Questionnaire (MWQ) reveals disruptive impact of mind-wandering for youth. Frontiers in Psychology, 4, 560. doi:10.3389/fpsyg.2013.00560


Getting started in the right way

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When developing a new psychological test, you try do it as soon as possible and run quickly along the validation study. But doing such things as avoiding the preliminary study in which you should test the initial item pool, you make yourself blind to wording errors and response biases, and sooner or later you will be obliged to re-start from the very beginning. But if you pay attention to the coverage of the target domain, and focus on within-construct issues instead of putting a premature emphasis on between-networks research, then you may discover that you actually saved research time.  This understanding extends to every psychological test. 

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